History of Route 99

There’s a lot more to California’s Route 99 than its ominous name: it could rightly be called one of the most important roads in American history.

And while the road’s original iteration was retired several decades ago, Route 99 continues to be an important part of America’s heritage and many of its pieces remain in use to this day. The old Route 99 runs south to I-10 that continues across the US from Los Angeles to Texas all the way to Florida. Many incredible local businesses were started along Route 99 and I-10. Continue reading “History of Route 99”

History of Indio, California

For a relatively small city, California’s Indio has always had a lot going on. From the city’s early days as a railroad and commerce hub to its present status as a festival haven, one thing remained true: living in the city should cure even the most resilient boredom problems.

Route 99 ran north and south down to I-10 that extends from Los Angeles, California to San Antonio, Texas and on to Florida in the eastern United States. Continue reading “History of Indio, California”